Mega Sena 858 Result: 14/04/2007

The Mega Sena result for Draw 858 from Saturday 14/04/2007 is shown below. You can see the six winning numbers to find out how many you matched.

  • 4
  • 18
  • 23
  • 31
  • 37
  • 54
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Jackpot Winning Location(s)
São Paulo
Prize Breakdown

Prize Breakdown

View the prizes below to find out how much was won and the number of winners in each category. This Mega Sena draw took place at Caminhão da Sorte in Londrina, PR. In total, 9,008 players across Brazil won a prize (including 2 jackpot winners), which means that the average prize amount won was R$2,283.

Numbers Matched Prize Per Winner Total Winners Prize Fund
Balls Match 6 R$8,889,537.74 2 R$17,779,075.48
Balls Match 5 R$7,541.37 185 R$1,395,153.45
Balls Match 4 R$157.56 8,821 R$1,389,836.76
Totals - 9,008 R$20,564,065.69

Prize Winners in each State/Federal District

Discover how many prizes were won where you live. The table below shows a breakdown of all the winners in Brazil by state.

State / Federal District Match 6 Winners Total
Paraná 1 1
São Paulo 1 1
Totals 2 2