Where the Money Goes

When you play Mega Sena, the money you spend on your ticket is split in a number of different ways. A large percentage is set aside for prizes - creating the grand prizes that make the game so popular - but the primary aim of the lottery is to raise money to benefit wider society. Find out how the revenue is distributed and which social programs and projects are supported.

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Mega Sena Prizes

A fixed percentage, 43.35, is used to pay out prizes. This works out at around R$1.95 for every standard R$4.50 entry. This prize fund is then divided between all the different tiers in each draw, for players matching three, four or five numbers. A small portion also goes to the prize fund for the annual Mega da Virada draw on 31st December. Go to the Prizes page to see exactly how the prize fund is allocated.

Distribution of Revenue

Caixa Econômica Federal, which runs Mega Sena, has to spend some of the revenue it generates on operational expenses to make sure it continues to function as an efficient national lottery that can be played all over Brazil. However, the vast majority of the funds that are not designated for prizes are spent on good causes.

This money is transferred to the federal government, so that is can be distributed to departments that benefit health, culture, public safety and sports. Mega Sena prizes above $1,903.98 are subject to an income tax of 30 percent, and this is also transferred for investment in these sectors.

The table below shows a breakdown of where the revenue goes:

Where the Money Goes Percentage of Revenue Allocated
Prizes 43.35%
Social Security 17.32%
National Culture Fund - FNC 2.92%
National Penitentiary Fund - FUNPEN 1%
National Public Security Fund - FNSP 9.26%
Ministry of Sport 2.46%
Fenaclubs 0.04%
Other Federal Sporting Bodies 1%
Brazilian Club Committee - CBC 0.50%
Brazilian Confederation of School Sports - CBDE 0.22%
Brazilian Confederation of University Sports - CBDU 0.11%
Brazil Olympic Committee – COB 1.73%
Brazil Paralympic Committee - CPB 0.93%
Operational Costs 19.13%

Caixa also pays out 3.11 percent of its revenue as commission to the lottery retailers who sell Mega Sena tickets. The amount given to good causes adds up to hundreds of thousands of reals every month, and billions every year. In 2021, more than R$8.4 billion was transferred to the state.