Mega Sena Checker

Check your Mega Sena numbers here to discover if you have won a prize. You don’t need to work out for yourself if you have matched enough numbers. The simulator below allows you to select the numbers you played and it will tell you instantly if those numbers have won, as well as the prize amount for any wins.

To use the checker, enter the Mega Sena numbers you played in the grid below. You can choose from a minimum of six up to a maximum of 15 numbers. You can reset the Checker at any time, or press a number again to deselect it. When you’re ready, select ‘Simulate’ to find out if your numbers have been lucky.

Remember that the checker is just an aid to help you find out if the numbers that you have selected have ever won a prize. To be able to claim a prize, you must have purchased a ticket with enough winning numbers on it for that particular date. You then need to present your ticket within 90 days of the draw date to claim any winnings.