Quina is a game which takes place six times a week and offers great prizes. The top prize has even been known to be worth more than R$200 million in the annual Quina de São João draw which is held every June. Find out everything you need to know about the game, including how to play, the prizes available and the probability of winning.

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How to Play

Quina draws take place every day from Monday to Saturday, at approximately 8pm. You can take part online or through lottery retailers across Brazil. Follow the steps below to play Quina:

  • Choose your numbers from 1 to 80 – select a minimum of five up to a maximum of 15. You can pick your own or allow the computer system to do it at random by playing a Surpresinha.
  • Decide how many draws – You can enter the same numbers into just the next draw, or play them in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 consecutive draws.
  • Pay for your entries – It costs R$2 per play. The more numbers you select, the greater your chances of winning but the higher the cost.

The following table shows how many combinations you have when you select between five and 15 numbers, and the equivalent cost of entry.

Numbers Played Number of Different Combinations Cost of Entry
5 1 R$2
6 6 R$12
7 21 R$42
8 56 R$112
9 126 R$252
10 252 R$504
11 462 R$924
12 792 R$1,584
13 1,287 R$2,574
14 2,002 R$4,004
15 3,003 R$6,006


To win a prize, you need to match at least two of the five winning numbers. You must correctly match all five to win the Quina prize. A percentage of the prize fund is allocated to each tier, as shown in the table below.

Prize Tier How to Win Percentage of Prize Pool
Jackpot - Quina Match 5 Numbers 35%
Tier 2 - Quadra Match 4 Numbers 15%
Tier 3 - Terno Match 3 Numbers 10%
Tier 4 - Duque Match 2 Numbers 10%

There is 30 percent of the prize money left in a regular draw. Half of this money (15 percent of the total prize fund) is set aside for every Quina draw ending in 5. Every tenth draw therefore has an enhanced Quina prize. The top prize accumulates each time it is not won and regularly grows into the tens of millions of reals.

The remaining 15 percent of the prize money for each draw goes towards the annual Quina de São João draw, which is the biggest Quina event of the year.


Probability of Winning

The overall odds of winning a Quina prize are 1 in 34 for each individual combination of numbers. Your chances of winning the top prize are 1 in 24,040,016. However, your chances are much better if you select multiple numbers, as it gives you more combinations. The table below shows the probability of winning in each prize tier, and how these odds improve as you play more numbers.

Numbers Played Odds of Winning - Jackpot Odds of Winning - Quadra Odds of Winning - Terno Odds of Winning - Duque
5 1 in 24,040,016 1 in 64,106 1 in 866 1 in 36
6 1 in 4,006,669 1 in 21,658 1 in 445 1 in 25
7 1 in 1,114,763 1 in 9,409 1 in 261 1 in 18
8 1 in 439,286 1 in 4,770 1 in 168 1 in 14
9 1 in 190,794 1 in 2,687 1 in 115 1 in 12
10 1 in 95,396 1 in 1,635 1 in 82 1 in 9
11 1 in 52,035 1 in 1,056 1 in 62 1 in 8
12 1 in 30,354 1 in 714 1 in 48 1 in 7
13 1 in 18,679 1 in 502 1 in 38 1 in 6
14 1 in 12,008 1 in 364 1 in 31 1 in 5.8
15 1 in 8,005 1 in 271 1 in 25 1 in 5.2

One way to increase your chances of winning at a more affordable cost is to play in a Bolão. You can take part with friends, family members or work colleagues, or purchase shares in bets that have been set up by lottery retailers. In Quina, it’s possible to have up to 50 quotas per bet, depending on how many numbers you want to play.

Quina de São João

Quina de São João is essentially Quina’s version of Mega da Virada. It is a special draw which takes place once a yeaResult. The date of the draw is usually 24th June, to celebrate the nativity of St. John the Baptist and mark Brazilian midwinteResult. However, the draw can be held on a different day when June 24th falls on a Sunday.

The prize fund for Quina de São João is accumulated throughout the year, creating a far larger top prize than usual. In 2021, for example, there was a jackpot of R$204 million, which was divided between eight winners.

The top prize must be won on the night of the draw, so if nobody matches all five numbers it will be shared between players in the 'Quadra' tieResult.

How to Claim Prizes

The claims process is the same for all Brazilian lottery games run by Caixa, and you have 90 days from the date of the draw to receive your winnings. If you win a Quina prize up to R$1,903.98 you can receive your money from lottery retailers or Caixa branches, but for larger amounts you will have to go to a Caixa branch. Visit the How to Claim page for more information.