Mega Sena Syndicates

A syndicate is a way of playing Mega Sena where you team up with others in a group and any prizes you win are split equally between you. It is a great option if you want to boost your chances of winning by submitting lots of entries, as you can divide the costs with others.

Playing in a syndicate is very popular in Brazil. You can join forces with friends, family or work colleagues, and celebrate together if you win. Another option is to buy shares of pools that are organised by lottery shops or online services, so you don’t have to organise your own group.

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How it Works

To play in a Syndicate, select the relevant 'Bolão' section on your play slip or ask the lottery retailer. You have to choose how many quotas you would like for your selection from the options available - this tells you how many different ways the prize money will be divided.

It’s possible to have up to 100 quotas, depending on how many numbers you want to play. When you select more numbers, it covers more combinations but the cost quickly adds up. You can go to the How to Play page to learn more about combination play, but the 'Bolão' option allows you to keep costs down as you are splitting the cost of entry with others.

You have to pay a little bit more for each individual entry than you do for a regular ticket. There is a minimum price of R$5 per quota, which increases as you play more numbers.

The following table shows all your options, including the minimum value of each quota, the minimum value of the overall syndicate and the maximum value.

Numbers Played Minimum amount of quotas Maximum amount of quotas Minimum quota value Minimum Syndicate value Maximum Syndicate value
6 2 9 R$5 R$10 R$45
7 2 63 R$5 R$31.50 R$315
8 2 100 R$5 R$126 R$1,260
9 2 100 R$5 R$378 R$3,780
10 2 100 R$9.45 R$945 R$9,450
11 2 100 R$20.79 R$2,079 R$20,790
12 2 100 R$41.58 R$4,158 R$41,580
13 2 100 R$77.22 R$7,722 R$61,776
14 2 100 R$135.13 R$13,513.50 R$67,567.50
15 2 100 R$225.22 R$22,522.50 R$67,567.50

Syndicate Winners

One of the biggest prizes won by a Syndicate came in the Mega da Virada draw of 2019, when there was a gigantic jackpot of R$304 million. There were four winning tickets, worth just over R$76 million each. Two of the four came from Sao Paulo, one from Criciúma in Santa Catarina, and the other belonged to a Syndicate from Juscimeira in Mato Grosso.

The pool had been organised by a local lottery retailer and consisted of 26 quotas. Each one cost R$107.94, so the total value of the Syndicate was $2,806.44. There were 11 numbers on the bet, giving the group 462 combinations in total.

When one of those combinations matched the winning numbers, it left each member of the group R$2.9 million richer. The pool was formed on 5th December, at Lotérica Triunfo, and included city dwellers and truck drivers. Also among the winners were cattle ranchers Marcos Nonato Arraes and Fidelcilio Jose da Silva, who revealed that they had bought their quotas in partnership with family members.