Mega da Virada

Mega da Virada is the final Mega Sena draw of the year and the biggest of the lot. It always takes place on 31st December and offers a jackpot that is built up over the course of 12 months. The top prize for Mega Sena da Virada has to be won on the night and has been known to be worth more than R$300 million in recent years.

Accumulated for this year's Mega da Virada draw:


Next Mega da Virada draw date:

31st December 2024

The chart below shows a breakdown of the total amount accumulated for the Mega da Virada draw in each of the previous draws.

Mega da Virada Jackpot History for 2024

You can view the accumulation of funds for the next Mega Sena da Virada draw using either the table or graph below. Next to each draw you will be able to see the specific value of funds added to the Mega da Virada prize pot from that draw, as well as the accumulated total at that time.

Please note that the graph will reset to zero immediately after a Mega da Virada draw has taken place, as the accumulated funds will have been paid out in prizes.

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Draw Number/Date Money Added to Mega da Virada Prize Fund Accumulated Mega da Virada Prize
Draw 2740 22/06/2024 + R$1,093,351.22 R$68,741,691.65
Draw 2739 20/06/2024 + R$850,724.66 R$67,648,340.43
Draw 2738 18/06/2024 + R$824,674.78 R$66,797,615.77
Draw 2737 15/06/2024 + R$934,311.18 R$65,972,940.99
Draw 2736 13/06/2024 + R$720,880.92 R$65,038,629.81
Draw 2735 11/06/2024 + R$671,841.12 R$64,317,748.89
Draw 2734 08/06/2024 + R$1,783,421.33 R$63,645,907.77
Draw 2733 06/06/2024 + R$1,452,231.68 R$61,862,486.44
Draw 2732 04/06/2024 + R$1,269,019.95 R$60,410,254.76
Draw 2731 01/06/2024 + R$1,518,458.36 R$59,141,234.81
Draw 2730 28/05/2024 + R$1,013,512.09 R$57,622,776.45
Draw 2729 25/05/2024 + R$963,278.44 R$56,609,264.36
Draw 2728 23/05/2024 + R$758,203.37 R$55,645,985.92
Draw 2727 21/05/2024 + R$730,203.20 R$54,887,782.55
Draw 2726 18/05/2024 + R$876,479.00 R$54,157,579.35
Draw 2725 16/05/2024 + R$585,240.75 R$53,281,100.35
Draw 2724 14/05/2024 + R$367,900.68 R$52,695,859.60
Draw 2723 11/05/2024 + R$1,016,668.58 R$52,327,958.92
Draw 2722 09/05/2024 + R$831,171.25 R$51,311,290.34
Draw 2721 07/05/2024 + R$771,160.01 R$50,480,119.09
Draw 2720 04/05/2024 + R$1,026,698.89 R$49,708,959.08
Draw 2719 30/04/2024 + R$467,135.64 R$48,682,260.19
Draw 2718 27/04/2024 + R$487,827.38 R$48,215,124.55
Draw 2717 25/04/2024 + R$427,693.60 R$47,727,297.17
Draw 2716 23/04/2024 + R$369,645.28 R$47,299,603.57
Draw 2715 20/04/2024 + R$1,548,095.63 R$46,929,958.29
Draw 2714 18/04/2024 + R$1,017,130.42 R$45,381,862.66
Draw 2713 16/04/2024 + R$961,658.17 R$44,364,732.24
Draw 2712 13/04/2024 + R$1,091,425.30 R$43,403,074.07
Draw 2711 11/04/2024 + R$905,661.10 R$42,311,648.77
Draw 2710 09/04/2024 + R$837,674.18 R$41,405,987.67
Draw 2709 06/04/2024 + R$796,150.94 R$40,568,313.49
Draw 2708 04/04/2024 + R$575,094.50 R$39,772,162.55
Draw 2707 02/04/2024 + R$532,856.99 R$39,197,068.05
Draw 2706 30/03/2024 + R$684,165.67 R$38,664,211.06
Draw 2705 26/03/2024 + R$1,570,804.62 R$37,980,045.39
Draw 2704 23/03/2024 + R$1,387,192.57 R$36,409,240.77
Draw 2703 21/03/2024 + R$1,125,449.79 R$35,022,048.20
Draw 2702 19/03/2024 + R$1,013,996.39 R$33,896,598.41
Draw 2701 16/03/2024 + R$1,124,507.51 R$32,882,602.02
Draw 2700 14/03/2024 + R$887,295.25 R$31,758,094.51
Draw 2699 12/03/2024 + R$580,609.40 R$30,870,799.26
Draw 2698 09/03/2024 + R$647,979.57 R$30,290,189.86
Draw 2697 07/03/2024 + R$482,590.88 R$29,642,210.29
Draw 2696 05/03/2024 + R$2,975,144.96 R$29,159,619.41
Draw 2695 02/03/2024 + R$2,621,357.92 R$26,184,474.45
Draw 2694 29/02/2024 + R$1,827,203.72 R$23,563,116.53
Draw 2693 27/02/2024 + R$1,715,885.42 R$21,735,912.81
Draw 2692 24/02/2024 + R$1,771,526.86 R$20,020,027.39
Draw 2691 22/02/2024 + R$1,324,771.82 R$18,248,500.53
Draw 2690 20/02/2024 + R$1,113,744.43 R$16,923,728.71
Draw 2689 17/02/2024 + R$1,117,401.53 R$15,809,984.28
Draw 2688 15/02/2024 + R$984,087.76 R$14,692,582.75
Draw 2687 10/02/2024 + R$977,549.23 R$13,708,494.99
Draw 2686 08/02/2024 + R$766,750.34 R$12,730,945.76
Draw 2685 06/02/2024 + R$679,044.04 R$11,964,195.42
Draw 2684 03/02/2024 + R$1,635,734.65 R$11,285,151.38
Draw 2683 01/02/2024 + R$1,308,955.18 R$9,649,416.73
Draw 2682 30/01/2024 + R$1,166,054.96 R$8,340,461.55
Draw 2681 27/01/2024 + R$1,185,594.95 R$7,174,406.59
Draw 2680 25/01/2024 + R$915,221.37 R$5,988,811.64
Draw 2679 23/01/2024 + R$743,542.33 R$5,073,590.27
Draw 2678 20/01/2024 + R$833,157.94 R$4,330,047.94
Draw 2677 18/01/2024 + R$648,384.90 R$3,496,890.00
Draw 2676 16/01/2024 + R$562,330.95 R$2,848,505.10
Draw 2675 13/01/2024 + R$625,933.15 R$2,286,174.15
Draw 2674 11/01/2024 + R$394,960.15 R$1,660,241.00
Draw 2673 09/01/2024 + R$339,546.97 R$1,265,280.85
Draw 2672 06/01/2024 + R$511,911.59 R$925,733.88
Draw 2671 04/01/2024 + R$413,822.29 R$413,822.29

Mega da Virada Prizes for all Years

The table below shows every Mega da Virada draw that has taken place since 2009. You can see the amount that had been accumulated for each draw throughout the year, as well as the final Mega da Virada principle prize that was paid out to the winner(s) in that draw.

The final payout is often much larger than the accumulated value throughout the year due to increased ticket sales for the big New Year’s Eve draw, and the fact that regular draws usually do not take place in the week leading up to 31st December.

Year Accumulated Throughout the Year Final Mega da Virada Prize Match 6 Winners
2023 R$132,418,255.11 R$588,891,021.25 5
2022 R$173,509,265.45 R$541,969,966.30 5
2021 R$93,986,574.37 R$378,124,727.48 2
2020 R$104,051,609.25 R$325,250,216.44 2
2019 R$93,745,132.69 R$304,213,838.64 4
2018 R$135,838,889.05 R$302,536,382.72 52
2017 R$139,099,571.93 R$306,718,743.68 17
2016 R$82,505,122.23 R$220,948,549.32 6
2015 R$128,027,188.92 R$246,533,514.30 6
2014 R$82,217,376.25 R$263,295,552.64 4
2013 R$79,825,384.73 R$224,677,860.08 4
2012 R$122,411,671.25 R$244,784,099.10 3
2011 R$72,672,429.30 R$177,617,487.60 5
2010 R$104,122,626.00 R$194,395,200.04 4
2009 R$61,731,493.11 R$144,901,494.90 2

How to Play

Ticket sales for Mega da Virada open sometime in November, so you can enter well in advance without having to play all the Mega Sena draws in the interim. You can take part online or at authorised retailers.

There is not normally another Mega Sena draw in the week leading up to Mega Sena da Virada. Visit the Draw Calendar to see the schedule for the current year.

It is exactly the same to play as any regular draw, with the cost of entry still R$4.50 for a single selection of six numbers from 1 to 60. The only differences are that it is a far bigger main prize that cannot roll over to the next draw.

If no players match all six numbers in a Mega da Virada draw, the entire prize fund allocation rolls down to the next prize level with winners (most likely ‘Match 5’).

Mega da Virada Prizes

The fund for Mega da Virada prizes accumulates throughout the year, with five percent of the prize fund from every single Mega Sena draw set aside for the big event’s main prize.

The calendar is also structured so that Mega da Virada is always one of the draws ending 0 or 5. These are the special draws which receive 22 percent of the prize fund from the preceding four draws.

You win prizes in the same way as you do for any Mega Sena draw, by matching at least four of the six winning numbers. However, a larger portion than normal goes to the top prize. The following table shows how much money goes to each level, along with the odds of winning.

Prize Tier How to Win Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Pool
Tier 1 - Sena Match 6 Numbers 1 in 50,063,860 62%
Tier 2 - Quina Match 5 Numbers 1 in 154,518 19%
Tier 3 - Quadra Match 4 Numbers 1 in 2,332 19%

The ‘Sena’ top prize has to be won on the night and cannot be carried forward into the first draw of the next year. If nobody matches all six numbers, the entire main prize is divided between winners in the second tier (Quina).

History of Mega da Virada

While Mega Sena began back in 1996, and its origins date even further back, Mega da Virada is a relatively new phenomenon. There has been an annual New Year’s Eve draw since 2005, but in the first few years the top prize was not enhanced in its current format and it was still possible for the top prize to carry over to the next draw.

The first year when the main prize was bumped up was in 2009, when it was worth R$144 million and two players split the money. It has been worth at least R$100 million every year since, and since 2017 there has always been more than $300 million to play for.

As Mega da Virada is so popular, it is not uncommon for multiple players to win a share of the grand prize. In 2018, for example, there were 52 ticket holders who all matched six numbers. They won an equal share of the R$302 million Sena prize – R$5.8 million each. In fact, the top prize has never had to be divided between players in the second tier.

In 2020, two players split a jackpot of R$325 million. One of the participants came from Aracaju and the other from São Paulo. In 2021, the top prize on offer was even higher at R$378 million. There were two winners – one from Cabo Frio and one from Campinas – who received R$189 million each.