Mega Sena Prizes

Mega Sena can offer some of the biggest lottery prizes you’ll find anywhere in the world. There’s always a multimillion-real top prize on offer, and sometimes it can climb into nine figures. Plus, there are three ways to win prizes in every draw!

To win a Mega Sena prize, you must match at least four of the six winning numbers. You need to match all six numbers drawn to win the jackpot.

Prizes in the last Mega Sena Draw

Take a look at the table of Mega Sena prizes below to see what was won in the most recent draw. You can see the number of winners in each tier, the corresponding prize amount and how that compares to other draws from the last three months.

Level Prize in Last Draw Winners Average Winners in Last 3 Months
Match 6 R$40,886,025.40 0 0.3
Match 5 R$34,712.93 83 112.9
Match 4 R$861.25 4,779 7,225.1


Find out the luckiest locations in Brazil for Mega Sena players. The following table shows all the different states (including the Federal District) and how many jackpot-winning entries have been sold in each one. You can also see the total amount won in each state.

State / Federal District Number of Jackpot Winners Prize Total
Acre 3 R$118,441,254.26
Alagoas 7 R$175,663,784.64
Amazonas 7 R$47,682,341.79
Bahia 46 R$642,677,913.69
Ceará 23 R$465,121,308.86
Distrito Federal 38 R$1,106,937,990.06
Espírito Santo 27 R$556,774,168.47
Goiás 23 R$845,290,513.17
Maranhão 10 R$192,831,391.95
Mato Grosso 21 R$607,752,018.38
Mato Grosso do Sul 20 R$389,710,608.18
Minas Gerais 99 R$2,202,419,884.10
Pará 18 R$370,998,632.75
Paraíba 10 R$73,732,488.18
Paraná 76 R$1,385,131,766.30
Pernambuco 25 R$751,186,444.25
Piauí 5 R$100,182,011.34
Rio de Janeiro 94 R$1,930,657,249.40
Rio Grande do Norte 11 R$217,297,104.14
Rio Grande do Sul 38 R$727,282,043.79
Rondônia 7 R$178,061,986.52
Roraima 1 R$2,820,316.51
Santa Catarina 30 R$786,813,880.16
São Paulo 263 R$5,174,611,602.79
Sergipe 8 R$292,688,421.56
Tocantins 1 R$1,931,474.80
Totals 911 R$19,344,698,600.04

How Mega Sena Prizes Work

The prize payouts in each Mega Sena draw depend on several factors, including the number of tickets sold and the number of winners. A percentage of the prize money is allocated to each of the three prize tiers, and this is then split between the winners in each category.

Take a look at the following table to see how much of the prize fund goes to each tier, along with the probability of winning in each one.

Prize Tier How to Win Probability of Winning Percentage of Prize Pool
Jackpot - Sena Match 6 Numbers 1 in 50,063,860 35%
Tier 2 - Quina Match 5 Numbers 1 in 154,518 19%
Tier 3 - Quadra Match 4 Numbers 1 in 2,332 19%

Where the Prize Money Goes

In a standard draw, 73 percent of the prize money that has been generated is allocated to winners for that draw, as shown in the table above. The money assigned to the Sena tier will also be carried forward to the next draw if there are no tickets that match all six numbers.

The rest of the prize money is accumulated, so that it can be paid out to winners in special draws that take place throughout the year.

Every fifth draw - where the draw number ends in 0 or 5 - receives 22 percent of the prize money from each of the four preceding draws. This money goes to the Sena tier.

The remaining five percent from every draw goes to the prize fund for Mega da Virada, which takes place annually on New Year's Eve.

Biggest Winners

The jackpot starts at R$3 million and it grows when it is not won. It has been known to go higher than R$100 million several times in the past, and in November 2015 it increased all the way up to $205 million before being won by a single player.

The biggest top prizes are always seen in the Mega da Virada draws. In the 2020 edition, for example, there was a top prize of R$325 million. In 2021, the top prize was even larger at R$378 million and two players split the money, winning R$189 million each.

Probability of Winning

The odds of winning the Mega Sena top prize are 1 in 50,063,860, while the overall odds of winning a prize are 2,298. These odds are for a single entry of six numbers from 1 to 60.

One way to boost your odds is with combination play, where you select between seven and 15 numbers instead of the usual six. Every combination of six numbers within your selected set is entered separately, so you have multiple chances of winning.

Go to the How to Play page to learn more about combination play and how it increases your chances of winning.

If you win a prize, the next step is to claim your money. You’ll need to visit a Caixa branch or authorised lottery retailer if you played in a store. Alternatively, you can play online to make the process simpler and safer. When you play online, you’ll never miss out on a prize as your numbers are kept secure and checked automatically. Go to the How to Claim page to learn what you need to do to receive any prizes you win.