Loteria Federal

Loteria Federal is a raffle-style game which is guaranteed to pay out a top prize worth R$500,000 in every draw. There are lots of different ways to win, two draws a week and special events throughout the year when the top prize is even higher than normal.

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Latest Result

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Draw Number / Date Prize Level Ticket Prize Value Location
Draw Number: 5877
22nd June 2024
First 072452 R$1,350,000 Loteria São Francisco,
Second 005221 R$15,500 Loterica Nacional,
São Jose do Rio Preto
Third 032462 R$14,000 Loterica 25 de Marco,
São Paulo
Fourth 047645 R$13,000 Loterica Aposte Aqui,
São Paulo
Fifth 007592 R$12,227 Loterias Sol Nascente,
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How to Play

Loteria Federal is a bit different to most other Brazilian lotteries. It’s not a draw game where you select numbers from a set range. Instead, you buy a ticket that has a pre-printed six-digit number on it (always starting with a 0).

You can choose a number from those that are available, or ask for one at random. You can also decide whether you want to buy a ticket in full or in parts. Each ticket contains 10 fractions.

Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 7pm. The winning ticket numbers are selected using five different lottery machines. Each machine is filled with numbers from 0 to 9, so it is possible for the same number to appear multiple times.

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Prizes and Probability

There are several ways to win a Loteria Federal prize. Five winning numbers are drawn – one for the first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize and fifth prize. Match one of these numbers exactly, with every digit in the right place, and you win. The table below shows the prize amounts if you buy a full ticket. The payout will be proportional if you purchase fractions of a ticket.

Prize Tier Prize
First R$500,000
Second R$27,000
Third R$24,000
Fourth R$19,000
Fifth R$18,329

If you don't match one of the five winning numbers exactly, you can still win if you get close as there are lots of prizes derived from the main ones. For example, you win if you match the final four digits of any of the five winning numbers, or the final three digits of the top prize. You also win if your ticket number is immediately before or after the winning number. For example, if the top prize went to ticket 12345, you would win if you had ticket 12344, 12346, or any ticket ending 345. These extra prizes range from R$320 to R$3,000.

There are so many extra ways to win that the overall odds of winning a prize on Loteria Federal are 1 in 4.78. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 100,000, as there are 100,000 possible number combinations.

Special Draws

Once a month there is a special Loteria Federal draw known as Milionária Federal, when the top prize is worth R$1.35 million. The biggest draw of the year takes place around Christmas and is known as Especial de Natal.

In Especial de Natal, multiple series of tickets can be sold. In 2021, for example, there were two series printed, so the same six-digit number appeared on two full tickets instead of one. This leads to more winners and more prize money being paid out. The jackpot is worth R$1.35 million per series, and the odds of winning the first prize are 1 in 90,000. A full ticket costs R$40 and is sold in 10 fractions of R$4 each.