Mega Sena

Mega Sena is the biggest lottery in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world, with a jackpot that can be worth hundreds of millions of reals. Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while there are also a number of special draws throughout the year. provides the latest results as soon as they are available, information about when you can expect the next big event and everything else you need to know about the game.

Mega Sena Results

You’ll find the latest Mega Sena results straight after each draw has taken place. Find out the winning numbers and whether or not the jackpot was won. Go to the Results page to see how many players won in each tier.

Latest Result

Draw 2726
18th May 2024
  • 27
  • 45
  • 49
  • 53
  • 55
  • 59
Match 6 prize: R$30,467,179.58

How to Play

The aim of playing Mega Sena is to match six numbers from 1 to 60, and it couldn’t be easier to play. You can choose between six and 15 numbers per bet. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Choose your numbers from 1 to 60
  • Decide how many draws to enter
  • Purchase your entries and wait for the draw

More Chances To Win

You need to select a minimum of six numbers in Mega Sena, but you can pick up to 15 to increase your chances of winning. Each individual entry costs R$4.50.

You don't have to match all six numbers to win a prize - you'll receive a prize if you match at least four.

If you're the only player to match all six numbers, you'll win at least R$3 and potentially even a nine-figure amount. The largest win on a single ticket came in Draw 1,764 on 25/11/2015, when a player from Brasilia banked R$205 million.

Huge Prizes

Mega Sena has created some of the biggest lottery winners in all of South America. Here's a rundown of the biggest jackpots:

R$589 Million
5 winners, Draw 2,670
R$542 Million
5 winners, Draw 2,550
R$378 Million
2 winners, Draw 2,440

The biggest prizes are typically won in the Mega da Virada draw, which is held every year on New Year's Eve.

Mega da Virada

Accumulated for this year's Mega da Virada draw:

The annual Mega da Virada draw takes place on 31st December and offers the biggest jackpot of the year in Brazil, which can be higher than R$300 million. The Mega da Virada top prize can’t accumulate for the next draw, so it has to be won on the night.

Mega da Virada Information

Next 0 or 5 draw

Accumulated for the next 0/5 draw:

Every fifth draw in Mega Sena - when the draw number ends in a 0 or a 5 - is a special event where the ‘match 6’ prize is enhanced. A portion of the prize fund from each of the four preceding draws is saved up, guaranteeing that the top prize will jump up.


View the Mega Sena draw schedule to find out about upcoming Mega Sena draws.