Mega Sena Information

Get all the information you need about different aspects of Mega Sena. You can find an overview of everything from how to play to the annual Mega da Virada draw. Browse through the sections below and select the relevant link for more details.

Mega Sena was launched in 1996, taking over from the previous 'Sena' game that had been running since 1988. The first draw took place on 13/03/1996 and had a jackpot of R$1.7 million.

Over time, the jackpots have got bigger and bigger, with the annual Mega da Virada draw offering hundreds of millions of reals. Other changes have also come in to make the game more exciting, with every fifth draw now a special event. Whenever the draw number ends in a 0 or a 5, the jackpot is enhanced by prize money that has been accumulating in a booster fund for the previous four draws.

Alongside Mega Sena, there are also a range of other lotteries that can be played in Brazil, including Quina, Lotofacil and Dupla Sena. Find out more information about these games through the 'other lotteries' tab on the top menu.